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International Medical Supply Solutions

We exist to provide health plan sponsors access to effective, safe and affordable global treatment programs for their plan members suffering the effects of human disease and ailments.

Regimens with FDA approved medications

maximizing the efficient procurement and secure distribution of efficacious treatment regimens in undeveloped and underdeveloped countries. IMSS is a contracted global distributor of medications that are manufactured in WHO approved manufacturing facilities. Our manufacturing partner is a USA/global company with over 50 facilities and 7,500 medications, with 55 years in business and are a UN Global Compact Partner.

Internationally coordinated case management of care

providing individualized case management by qualified healthcare professionals to work with each client and the coordination with the client's U.S. based medical doctor.

Accredited facilities and licensed health professionals

partnering with existing premier, accredited medical facilities and licensed healthcare professionals to deliver high quality medical treatment programs for human diseases and medical procedures. IMSS works with fully Joint Commission International accredited hospitals whenever possible. Each has its own reputation of excellence in different fields of medicine.

World class accommodations during treatment procedures

partnering with executive travel coordinators who will ensure the travel and lodging needs of each client is handled to provide a pleasurable and world-class travel experience. The IMSS team has over 64 years of combined experience in healthcare and hospitality. Anyone looking for care abroad can rest assured that the IMSS team is dedicated to your health, comfort and recovery.

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